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                                      Dear Irina,

Once again we want to thank you for your organisation of our stay in St. Petersburg. This time we saw more about the daily life mixed with some touristical highlights. As we had once again a week of best summer temperatures - nearly a little too hot for visisting a city - now we have realy problems to imagine bad weather in Pieter. The trip to Petergof and back by ship was great. We got a feeling about the topografical situation of the city near the sea and the plain landscapes with a huge and wide sky with a beautiful northern and clear light. On a hot summerday we enjoyed the park of Petergof and all the refreshing watergames. We also preferred other parks like Elagin Island, the Summer garden, the Jussupov garden and the fortress of Peter and Paul nearby the Neva. We discovered street ensembles like Generalnaja ul. or Puschkinskaja - and in the long twilight you can imagine stories of the Russian literature. As the development of all the european cities in the last 15 years ends in an agglomeration of always the same shops and supermarkets, they mostly loose their characteristical feature. Pieter is different. You find the shops as well on Newsky, but there are many streets and places without the crying commercial signs. In spite of renovation and change of many buidlings, we always found just round the corner of great places the little souterrain shops for food and normal, nice restaurants. We know about the big business of real estates and see the change, but we hope there will be some caraceristical left further. We hope there will be a chance for a further journey to Pieter, also for the surroundings and other cities. We would like to continue. With the best wishes for you and your family