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Irina's book "Problems with Electricity", review by Byron Daily

RW-L et al,

Monday Irina Borisova's book arrived from SPB,Ru. I didn't pick it up until Tuesday and read it that night. Reread the parts I liked and a couple of the stories I was not keen on.It is a keeper. Some of the stories ended too soon and I guess that is the high water mark for reccomendation.

I have only read the anecdotes she has posted on list so was quite pleased and completely satisfied with my purchase. When I read, I try to determine what it is the writer is trying to tell the reader, through the actions and motivations of the characters, so I can gain some insight into the overall subject matter - Russians and Russian women specifically. Russian women are secretive and complex and are,as of this moment probably above my league.We play checkers,they play chess !

American disadvantage I think is twofold. First, high-tech/low touch. High-tech is that we do much less without a chip(somewhere) involved in the process vs. low touch which is merely involvement of human element. Example; ordering in vs.Mama's home cooking(she put's some soul into the meal). Secondly, convenience store mentality of instant gratification and throw it away when done. I am old enough to remember when you couldn't get meat or booze on Sunday so foresight and understanding of the arena you're playing in is required. Quoted w/permission; Russian Classical Literature pg. 139[ this is about a 5%-er]

"He has not read Russian classical literature,he was not aware of Tolstoy or Dostoyevsky with their deep penetration into the subtle nuances of human nature." Jump to pg.146

"...still sits in front of his computer.... Sometimes he comes off the screen and looks somewhere either behind the window or inside himself and his glance is full of unexpressed questions. But as he has not read Russian classical literature he still does not know what may comfort him and help him find answers." There are 38 other gems of wisdom in the book. Were this cinema I'd rate,Problems with Electricity, a solid two thumbs up ! I may even order another one for a friend,giving him my copy and asking Irina, "Would it be possible for you to insribe something and/or autograph my book,for say,$2 or $3"? I am not sure if it is possible but it is shipped and postmarked from St.Petersburg.


As you were,


Ps. I recieve no consideration for this posting.